YUPntwk is an initiative of Connecticut Public focused on driving new connections, conversations and content. With the belief that arts and music are the cornerstone of socio-cultural wellness, YUPntwk is the place where we honor communities driven by self-expression. YUPntwk is designing programs and experiences for the emerging multicultural creative class with a particular focus on creators of color in Connecticut, typically 20-35 years of age. This includes artists, musicians, dancers, DJs, producers, photo/videographers, editors, conveners, creative entrepreneurs, and makers. We have joined forces with the public to co-produce content, partner on events and regularly convene likeminded people. Nurturing the next generation of young makers, trendsetters and influencers we seek out new stories and new storytellers.  

What We Believe: 

  • Connecticut is the place to be
  • Investing in people is central to progress
  • Creatives are catalysts for positive change & socio-cultural wellness
  • Living into full potential is enabled by a nurturing environment
  • Collaboration is key to success
  • New stories require new storytellers

What We Do:

  • Establish physical spaces to connect like-minded creative individuals
  • Produce and curate original content with local creators for TV & digital media
  • Contribute to the vibrancy of our communities through collaborative events
  • Provide resources and training for ambitious creatives
  • Create pathways to access paid job and opportunities
  • Highlight new stories and new storytellers

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