Frequently Asked Questions


YUPntwk is a division of Connecticut Public (CPTV/WNPR) dedicated to supporting, amplifying, and representing the passions, perspectives, and stories of the young multicultural creative class – the next generation of public media consumers.

We do this by:

  1. Co-producing original digital content with local creators
  2. Partnering/supporting collaborative community events
  3. Engaging our community by listening, providing paid freelance job opportunities, resources, and training

The YUPntwk team is designing programs and experiences for the emerging multicultural creative class with a particular focus on creators of color in Connecticut, typically 20-35 years of age.  This includes artists, musicians, dancers, DJs, producers, photo/videographers, editors, conveners, creative entrepreneurs, and makers. 

We welcome those interested in pursuing a career in the creative industry, anyone who is interested in a thriving creative economy in CT, and/or anyone who is actively pushing the culture forward and looking for like-minded individuals.

  • Targeting the young, multicultural audience is essential to audience growth and relevance in the future.
  • As public media it is our mission to serve all, especially the underserved, and we recognize the need to engage with diverse audiences and introduce new faces, voices and perspectives into our programing.
  • As a media organization we understand our responsibility to provide multicultural representation, equitable access, and agency over narratives in media.
  • We recognize the importance of a digital transformation for Connecticut Public and the demand for content in new formats on new platforms.

As a public media organization and trusted institution, we choose to push ourselves into the future – to think differently, innovate, and improve.  Our growth is about expanding audiences to be more diverse, about evolving our programming to be more representative of the communities we serve, about embracing a digital culture that is platform agnostic, reaching beyond the traditional broadcast channels.

The YUPntwk team started out under the brand “The People Project” while they were conducting research and building strategy.  However, the team is now called YUPntwk. 


Yes, YUPntwk is part of Connecticut Public.  Just like CPTV, WNPR, or our Education opportunities, YUPntwk is yet another property of the greater organization that works in concert with all departments to contribute to the overall organization mission.

The fees and expenses associated with YUPntwk are largely funded by a grant from the Knight Foundation, Graustein Foundation, and generous donations from large individual donors, as well as members and donors of all sizes.

The NTWK is the YUPntwk membership program, designed for creators ages 20-35 years old. You must create a free account in order to unlock the benefits.  Create an account here!

Benefits include:

-Access to co-working, event, and production spaces at free or discounted rates

-Access to audio/visual equipment

-Free/discounted access to YUPntwk events including workshops, “pitch” days, concerts, and parties

-First to know of relevant job opportunities and preferred booking

-Direct access to the YUPntwk team with the ability to submit concepts for co-production

-Opportunity to become part of a network of likeminded creative individuals with the opportunity to collaborate, share resources and creative ideas, and have fun



YUPntwk is hosting a pitch competition that will culminate with The Push event on Sunday, 11/4 from 6-830pm at TheaterWorks (233 Pearl Street, Hartford). YUPntwk members can submit ideas in two categories; Content and Events. Three finalist will be selected to PITCH their ideas before a panel of experts and live audience at The Push event. YUPntwk members at the live event will vote for their favorite idea from both categories. Winners in each category will receive an award package including $5K from Connecticut Public, consultations from YUPntwk producers and industry professionals, and promotion on YUPntwk.  To learn more and pitch an idea: log in as a NTWK member and click on "Pitch Competition".

There are several ways to engage with YUPntwk

  • Sign up to to join The NTWK and take advantage of all the awesome benefits
  • Sign up with your email and/or phone number at to receive updates when there is something new to report 
  • Follow YUPntwk on Instagram ( and Youtube
  • Donate to support our mission and vision 

Full time and Part time Employees of CT Public are allowed to sign up for The NTWK membership program. However, CT Public employees are not eligible to enter or participate in any contests, giveaways or prizes. Employees are also not eligible to sign out equipment via the equipment rental program, please contact a YUPntwk team member for additional information.  

If you’re jazzed about YUPntwk and our mission, we welcome your support to help us continue to build value for our members and community.  You can donate at any level without becoming a member here.

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